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J C Bose Science Heritage Museum (JCBSHM) in academic collaboration with Cambridge University Press (CUP)
Third Program
July 18, 2017
"Ethnic Ancestry and Diversity in India"


Linguistic diversity in India
Prof. Shyamsundar Bhattacharya
Philological Secretary, Asiatic Society, Kolkata
"Genetic ancestry and diversity in India"
Prof. Partha Pratim Majumder
Distinguished Professor and Founder Director, National Institute of Biomedical Genomics,Kalyani and Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata


Prof. A.S.Kolaskar (VC, The Neotia University), Mrs.Rajya Lakshmi Manda (The Neotia University), Prof. Bikas K Chakrabarti (SINP), Sayantari Ghosh (Rammohan College), BhaswarGhosh ( ), Debayan Majumder (BI), Shreya Barui (BI), Prof. Krishna Bhattacharya (CU), Prof. Somdatta Sinha (IISER), Prof. Swati Sen Mandi (BI), Prof. Sujata Tarafder (JU), Prof. Parongoma Sen (CU), Prof. Anirban Kundu (CU), Kalyan K Mandi (Scottish Church College), Suruchi Lata (BI), Arijita Subuddhi (BI), Mr.Himansu Kr. Kundu ( Geological Survey of India), Indrani Bose (BI), Prof. Manikuntala Kundu (BI), Prof. Joyoti Basu (BI), Prof. Achintya Sinha (BI), Satarupa Datta majumder (Asiatic Society), Prof. Parul Chakrabarti (JCBSHM, Sir J C Bose Trust)
Second Program
June 23, 2017
"Integrative Biology: Models and Experiments"


Reprogramming Living Cells With An Engineering Language
Sangram Bagh
Biophysics and Structural Genomics Division
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata

Abstract: The molecular connectivity between genes and proteins inside a cell shows a good degree of resemblance with complex electrical circuits. This inspires the possibility of engineering a cell similar to an engineering device. Synthetic biology is an emerging field of bioengineering, where scientists use electrical and computer engineering principles to re-program cellular functions with a potential to solve next generation challenges in medicine, energy, and space travel. In this talk, we discuss our synthetic biology efforts to build a technology platform for cellular computation and robotics and systems biology effort to understand the effect of zero gravity on human and bacterial cells during space travel.

Modeling mitosis in mammalian and yeast cells
Dr. Raja Paul
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata

Abstract: Accurate chromosome segregation during mitosis is critical to maintain genome stability and prevent erroneous cell division. To this aim, assembly of the mitotic spindle using a set of highly dynamic bio-polymers, known as microtubules (MT)must be coordinated with establishment of chromosomal attachment with the spindle via a specific structure on the chromosome called kinetochore (KT). The MTs of a correctly configured (bipolar) mitotic spindle must interact with the chromosomes (KTs) so that the two sister chromatids interact with opposite spindle poles.This configuration will allow the sister chromatids to be pulledto opposite ends of the cell upon chromosomal separation, thusleading to the formation of two daughter cells with the correct chromosomenumber. While mammalian cells divide via open mitosis (nuclear envelop breaks down), chromosome segregation in budding yeast cells occur within the nucleus known as closed mitosis. In closed mitosis, the entire nucleus migrates to a specific location within the cell before segregation. I will discuss the computer modeling of kinetochore microtubule interactionthat correctly predicts experimentally-observed spindle assembly times with minimum error rates in both mammalian and yeast cells. I will further discuss the nuclear migration, spindle positioning in budding yeast. The model can be used to elaborate other features of the mitotic spindle including chromosomal oscillation and various spindle phenotypes.


Prof. Bikas Chakrabarty (SINP), Prof Rahul Banerjee (SINP), Prof. Bhaswar Ghosh (IMSC), Prof. Indrani Bose (BI), Mrs.Sanjukta Ghosh (), Dr.Zhumur Ghosh (BI), Prof Joyoti Basu (BI), Sayak Mukhopadhyay, Ph.DStudent (SINP), Saptarshi Chatterjee, Ph.D Student (IACS), Apurba Sarkar, Ph.D Student (IACS), Subhendu Som, Ph.D Student (IACS), Kathakali Sarkar, Ph.D Student (SINP), Rajkamal Srivastava, Ph.D Student (SINP), Deepro Banerjee, Ph.D Student (SINP), Srijanee Das, MS Student (St. Xaviers College), Prof. Atri Mukhopadhyay (SINP), Prof. Sakuntala Chatterjee (S N Bose Centre), Prof. Parul Chakrabarti ( Ex – BI, Sir J C Bose Trust), Prof. ParthaPratimMajumder (ISI).
First Programme
May 18, 2017
"Classical and Quantum Computation and Information"



Sudeshna Banerjee (The Telegraph), Mandira Mitra (Integral CUP), Dr. A K Roy( IIT), Prof.G P Das(IACS), Prof. Indrani Bose (BI), Prof. Tapati Dutta (St. Xaviers College), Prof. Subinay Dasgupta (CU), Prof. Sujata Tarafdar (JU), Ms. Madhurima Sengupta (The Statesman), Prof. Banasri Basu (ISI), Mrs.Sanjukta Kundu, Prof. Samir Nath Mallik (SINP), Prof. Susmita Sarkar (CU), Prof. Parongama Sen (CU), Prof. Achintya Sinha(BI), Prof. Barun K Chatterjee (BI), Prof. Debasis Sarkar (CU), Prof. Parul Chakrabarti, Prof. Joyoti Basu (BI), Prof. Manikuntala Kundu (BI), Prof. Anirban Kundu (CU), Prof. Susmita Sarkar (CU)
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